#16Days: The Power Of Postive Role Models In Changing Communities

Posted by Staff // February

According to the 2012 report Violence Against Children in South Africa, common types of violence that occur in the home include sexual abuse, physical abuse and corporal punishment, emotional abuse and neglect.

Do you think the way you were treated as a child has had an impact on the way you treat children? Do you believe children’s behaviour today is more violent than when you were a child?

These are important questions for us to reflect on as adults, especially parents. Research shows that parents (and parental

figures) are the first and most enduring teachers of their children, and long before children start school they learn how to behave at home – whatever “home” may be for them.

I believe men must take a leading role in stopping violence against children in their homes. I believe a primary focus of our 16 Days of Activism for No Violence against Women and Children Campaign should involve support for families, especially by men who are committed to being positive role models and personal mentors to ALL the children in our communities.

If you are a man who provides a “violence free” home for your children, I'd love it if you would share how you do it.