Khalil Osiris is an author, speaker, entrepreneur, filmmaker, and social impact consultant. He’s the founder of Truth & Reconciliation Conversations (TRC), a global initiative focused on promoting racial reconciliation and gender equality, and Reflecting Freedom Network (RFN), a non-profit charity that provides access to web-based, accredited education for non-traditional learners including Justice-involved youth and adults.

Khalil is the author of Psychology of Incarceration and A Freedom That Comes From Within. His book, Psychology of Incarceration, has been used for 10+ years as the primary text for the course at Wright State University in Ohio. Psychology of Incarceration is a restorative justice program as well as an academic course. Khalil’s restorative justice program is taught at 70+ prisons throughout America. His message is “prison is a metaphor for self-imposed limitations and freedom is a choice.”

In 2011 Khalil moved to South Africa. He worked in different countries and trained educators on positive behavioral interventions and supports. He hosted the South African TV show Each One, Teach One, which won the 2016 South African Film & Television Award (SAFTA) for Best Factual Educational Program.

In 2019 Khalil partnered with Jacksonville University (JU), the NFL Alumni, and the Jacksonville Jaguar Foundation to launch the first Nelson Mandela International Day observance in Jacksonville, Florida. At the event, Makaziwe Mandela, the eldest daughter of Nelson Mandela, was presented with the Global Citizen Award by Tim Cost, the President of JU. In the ceremony, Khalil was among the featured speakers. Khalil is a board member of the House of Mandela Family Foundation.

In 2021 Khalil launched the TRC Pledge campaign and Orange Couch Conversations course to galvanize youth around the world to end gender based violence (GBV) through civic education and activism. Enrollment in the Orange Couch Conversations course is year-round and free. Through TRC’s partnership with Citizens High School, students can earn academic credit, transferable to their local school, for learning how to identify and prevent GBV where they live. 

Khalil conducts thought-provoking talks on a range of topics including A Freedom That Comes From Within, Racial Reconciliation, and Psychology of Incarceration. You can download his book, A Freedom That Comes From Within, for free at


Freedom is always possible, and it comes from looking inward.

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