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Khalil Osiris is a captivating motivational speaker, inspiring individuals and audiences to uncover their true purpose, embrace authenticity, and triumph over fear, negative self-talk, and self-imposed limitations. As someone who experienced incarceration, he brings a unique perspective on personal accountability and criminal justice. Experience powerful insights and inspiration to ignite personal growth and transformation. Book Khalil Osiris for life-changing talks and unlock your true potential.

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Psychology of Incarceration – Overcoming Self-Imposed Limitations

Get a fresh perspective on the psychology of incarceration and its wide-reaching implications in this captivating talk by Khalil. By exploring prison as both a physical space and a symbol of self-imposed limitations, he reveals the mental barriers we face and the power of seizing control of our lives.

Attendees will learn valuable insights, find motivation to embrace a mindset of freedom and possibility, and overcome challenges to unlock their true potential, no matter the circumstances.


Discover the powerful advantages of integrating returning citizens into the workforce in the enlightening talk, “Second Chances”. Explore their potential impact on small businesses and larger organizations.

Participants will learn best practices and financial incentives, including the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) and Hiring Incentives to Restore Employment (HIRE) Act, for employers hiring returning citizens.

Men Stopping Violence – Inspiring Change for Women and Girls

Experience Khalil’s impactful talk, “Men Stopping Violence,” as it sparks conversations, raises awareness, and drives change to eliminate unhealthy masculinity for good.

Participants will gain valuable insights on identifying healthy and unhealthy masculinity. Learn practical steps men can take to combat violence against women and girls, in the workplace and at home. Perfect for team building and company events.

A Freedom That Comes From Within – 5 Keys to Inner Freedom

In this enlightening talk, Khalil explores the concept of being an Observer of life experiences, recognizing personal power, and nurturing 5 Keys to inner freedom

Attendees will learn practical strategies to leverage their strengths, overcome obstacles, and achieve genuine freedom. Gain key insights on choosing freedom in every situation.

Khalil delivering a custom keynote at the Athens Democracy Forum.

A clip from Khalil’s workshop on the “Psychology of Incarceration.”

“Khalil Osiris is one of the most inspirational speakers we’ve had over the years and brought such deep insights and emotions to our audiences, so much so that his talks have become reference points in the decade of Athens Democracy Forum. It was so rewarding and touching to look into the audience and see tears in their eyes while Khalil was speaking. A speaker full of power, gusto and emotion!”

Achilles Tsaltas

President, Democracy & Culture Foundation

“Khalil is a great consultant and partner to work with. He has supported House of Mandela initiatives with tremendous insight and integrity. Further, his tireless work in schools and prisons throughout South Africa has been an inspiration to me and a wonderful service to my country.”

Dr. Makaziwe Mandela

Chairperson , House of Mandela Family Foundation

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