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Self-imposed limitations

The Psychology of Incarceration

Osiris, who seems to have a gift and the ability to simplify even the ­hardest subjects, also has a number of books to his name. The Psychology of Incarceration: A Distortion of the State of Belonging, is the most popular of his works.

PBIS Africa TM

PBIS Africa TM is a research-based school management program designed to improve behavioral outcomes of students in every grade. The primary goal is to prevent the development of inappropriate behavior, reduce ongoing patterns of problem behavior and improve the academic performance of all students. Clearly defined behavioral expectations are taught to learners every day based on the following core values: Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible and Be Healthy.

Family Food Security

Food security is in our hands. Family Food Security NPO provides availability and access to sufficient, safe and nutritious food to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

Our Vision: to create a world of zero hunger, decent work and economic growth, throughout South Africa and the entire continent of Africa.

Our mission: to drive awareness and action in schools, families, and communities on how to move from food insecurity to food security.

Each One Teach one

Khalil Osiris hosted the SABC2 TV show, Each One Teach One. As host and life coach he used the show to help teens, parents, teachers and youth in need of support develop effective ways to address personal challenges such as delinquency, drug abuse, teen pregnancy, depression and suicide.

Each One Teach One was winner of the 2016 South African Film and Television Award (SAFTA) for Best Factual Educational Program. Osiris is the first American to be awarded a SAFTA.

Watch Each One Teach One on SABC2 TV or SABC Education shows on YouTube.


What does it mean to be a man in today’s world? There is a lot of confusion about this and a lot of anger directed at men.

This is a conversation about masculinity everyone needs to hear. In this raw and authentic series of six podcasts, Craig Wilkinson and Khalil Osiris start from the premise that true masculinity is a great gift to the world.

Equally relevant to men and women it provides profound insights into why men behave the way they do. It unpacks the three core desires at the heart of every man, the question every boy needs answered on his journey to manhood, the four big lies about masculinity, what wounds the masculine heart and the one thing every man wants from women more than sex.

The St John’s Cathedral Series

As important as our intentions are, our journey in life is bigger.

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