SpeakerKhalil Osiris

International Speaker on Exponential Thinking and Transformational Leadership

Khalil Osiris is an international speaker on exponential thinking and transformational leadership.  An author, educator and activist, he spent 20 years of his life in prison and while there earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Boston University. He transformed his life and emerged from prison with a deep understanding of how to use personal crisis and challenges as opportunities for self-improvement. 

He is author of The Psychology of Incarceration, which is taught in over 60 prisons across America. While living in South Africa, Khalil implemented the country’s first criminogenic needs re-entry program, GOSO (Get Out and Stay Out) Africa. On Nelson Mandela Day, July 18th, 2013, the first graduating class of 120 men celebrated their successful completion of the GOSO Africa program.

Keynote:Exponential Thinking

Surpassing Limitations for an Exponential Mindset. 

Keynote: Diversity and Humanity

Embracing and celebrating our differences and the common bond of our humanity.

Keynote: Mindful Masculinity

A male’s intentional use of his power to serve, protect and uplift the wellbeing of others.

Keynote: The Power of Grace and Redemption

Making peace with our past and finding a greatness within ourselves we never thought possible.

Khalil is a great consultant and partner to work with. He has supported House of Mandela initiatives with tremendous insight and integrity. Further, his tireless work in schools and prisons throughout South Africa has been an inspiration to me and a wonderful service to my country.
Dr Makaziwe Mandela,
Chairman, House of Mandela
Khalil embodies the triumph of a mind and spirit freed! His life is an inspiration for all young men, especially young black men growing in societies wounded by racism such as the USA and South Africa. Khalil is a role model for those growing up without fathers and caring male mentors.
Judith Warren,
CEO, Health Care Access Now

The fundamental question you have to ask is how are you using your power?

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