The world of work, and the global organizational marketplace within which it exists, has become increasingly dynamic, diverse, and digitized. As leaders in the space, we are called upon, with a heightened sense of urgency, to embrace innovation, foster creative thought, and employ visionary and exponential thinking to propel our teams and ourselves to perform in new, more effective and competitive ways.

As an entrepreneur and CEO who spent two decades in prison, I have an intimate and deeply personal understanding of the critical need for an exponential mindset and the subsequent establishment of an organizational culture that promotes “exponential thinking.” I learned, during my incarceration and studies as I obtained two degrees from Boston University, that prison was more than simply a physical limitation. Rather, it was a metaphor for my own self-imposed limitations. In embracing this unique framing, I was able to transform my life and achieve personal and professional success that previously seemed unimaginable.

My own transformation was greatly influenced by the wisdom, writings and leadership of Nelson Mandela, whose work and legacy served as an inspiration and motivation for my personal change.  I was able to connect with Mr. Mandela’s daughter, Dr. Makaziwe Mandela, during my incarceration. Our continued correspondence during that time illuminated several key concepts in my emerging leadership ideologies. When we met years later, in South Africa, our mutual passion for global impact and personal development cemented that shared commitment.

This alignment of thinking is captured and explored in my new course, “Surpassing Limitations for an Exponential Mindset,” which features an exclusive interview with Dr. Mandela and reveals her keen and compelling observations about the relevance of exponential thinking in the present and future world of work.

I created this course because,  as I continue to speak, write, research, and teach across the world, I am more convinced than ever that exponential thinking is the game changer for individuals and corporations seeking to not simply succeed, but to also thrive, excel and disrupt the marketplace. Innovation, creativity, agility, and other 21st century workplace skills depend upon one’s capacity to elevate his/her mindset to a higher understanding of what’s possible, one that supersedes any perceived or identified boundaries.

I encourage you to join me on this continuous journey of self-exploration and visioning of the best possibilities of yourself and your organization by enrolling in my course individually or offering it to your entire team or organization. The course provides a scalable, sustainable and transformational blueprint for implementation. It will inform your organizational journey to excellence, exceeding any self-imposed limitations and forging a path to limitless possibilities for opportunity and success.

On-Demand Class details:

  • 2-3 hours of Learning Experience including
    • Video
    • Discussions
    • Readings
    • Interviews
    • Self-Reflection Activities
  • On-Demand
  • One year of access, to complete at your convenience


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