Unlock Your Personal Power with the Positive Change Model

By Khalil Osiris

As someone constantly striving for personal growth, I know how important it is to have the right tools and knowledge in order to achieve lasting change. The Positive Change Model is one such tool that can greatly benefit people on their journey of personal development. In this blog post, I will explain what this model is and how it works, including practical ways it can be used to help you unlock your personal power and choose to be your best in every situation.

What is the Positive Change Model?

The Positive Change Model is a practical approach to personal growth and development that helps individuals gain perspective on their life circumstances and unlock their personal power. This model consists of four key elements – personal values, circumstances that challenge our values, choices/behaviors, and distortions in thinking patterns. By understanding each of these components and taking the time to reflect on our current situation, we can make informed decisions that align with our own core values rather than simply reacting out of fear or anger.

In order to fully understand the Positive Change Model and how it works, it’s important to first examine the four elements that make up this model. Personal values are the beliefs that guide us through life and determine what we prioritize, such as our morals or spiritual beliefs. Circumstances that challenge our values come from external sources such as family, peers, society, etc., which can be difficult to identify before they lead to impulsive reactions or become entrenched habits. Choices/behaviors refer to how we respond when our values are challenged – whether we choose actions that align with our core beliefs or if we allow ourselves to get pushed off course by external influences. Finally, distortions in thinking patterns refer to negative thought cycles that can arise when our core values are threatened – things like self-doubt or feelings of helplessness – which further prevent us from making positive changes.

How it Works

Once these four elements are examined separately, it’s time for you to work through them together in order to gain an understanding of how they interact and influence one another. You can then use this understanding as a foundation for unlocking your personal power by learning how best to manage difficult situations while still acting according to your own core values.

One way you apply the Positive Change Model is by taking time at the start of each day for self-reflection – listing any external pressures being faced along with any negative thoughts or feelings associated with them so as not to become overwhelmed by these factors later on in the day (or even week). In addition, tracking distorted thinking patterns over time can help you gain clarity on why certain issues keep resurfacing in your life so you can take ownership of your decisions and create positive change accordingly.

Overall, the Positive Change Model is an invaluable tool for anyone looking to unlock their personal power and choose their best in any given situation. With this approach you will gain a clearer perspective on managing difficult situations while still aligning with your own internal compass – unlocking a whole new level of personal growth!

I want to hear from YOU!

  1. What techniques have you found most successful in changing your thought patterns?
  2. What strategies do you use to stay accountable for your choices and behavior?
  3. How do you ensure that your actions are aligned with the values that are important to you?


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