Second Chance eBook Series

The Second Chance eBook Series , in collaboration with Mandela Media, DMA United, and TRC, is an innovative project that supports social justice and second chance employment. This series showcases the experiences of justice-impacted individuals, nonprofit leaders, and forward-thinking employers dedicated to fostering an inclusive workforce. Through these stories, we strive to break down barriers, promote empathy, and endorse policies that provide second chances to those in need.

Success Stories Speaker Series

Curating a speaker series featuring justice-impacted individuals who have successfully reintegrated into society and the workforce, providing motivational insights and practical advice to both employers and other justice-impacted individuals.

Reflective Circles for Corporate Leadership

A workshop series designed to foster empathy, understanding, and effective communication among corporate leaders, focusing on the integration of justice-impacted individuals into professional environments.

Inclusive Hiring Workshops

Workshops aimed at HR professionals and hiring managers, focusing on best practices for inclusive recruitment, interviewing, and onboarding processes that support the integration of justice-impacted individuals into the workforce.

Career Readiness Bootcamps for Justice-Impacted Individuals

Intensive bootcamp sessions focused on skill development, personal branding, interview preparation, and networking strategies tailored for justice-impacted individuals looking to enter or re-enter the workforce.

TRC Pledge

Take the TRC Pledge and become part of our global community dedicated to ending violence against women and girls. Share a video showing your commitment to raising awareness about this crucial human rights issue. We urge men and boys to commit to the TRC Pledge and play an active role in ending violence against women and girls in their communities.