Entrepreneurship and Justice: Harnessing Potential and Opportunities

Entrepreneurship offers a transformative pathway for justice-impacted individuals seeking to reintegrate into the workforce. By fostering entrepreneurial skills, returning citizens can overcome barriers to employment, create sustainable livelihoods, and contribute…

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Embracing the Expertise of Returning Citizens: Valuing Lived Experiences

What do returning citizens offer when we embrace their lived experiences and expertise? Engaging with this untapped reservoir of lived wisdom empowers us to refine criminal justice frameworks, innovate reintegration practices, and bolster societal unity. This arti…

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Life After Prison Stories, Statistics, and Successes

Life after prison: what does it truly entail? Our exploration breaks down both the sobering statistics and the heartening successes of those who’ve walked out of the prison gates. Here, you’ll encounter the stark numbers that frame the reintegration narrative and …

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Top Second Chance Employment Training Programs

Struggling to reenter the job market with a criminal record? Second chance employment training bridges the gap to meaningful work opportunities. This article breaks down the pathways to successful reintegration, showcasing real-world programs and the direct impact…

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10 Common Misconceptions About Hiring People With Criminal Records

Posted on April 26th, 2024

In today’s competitive job market, the push towards inclusivity and diversity has led many companies to reconsider who they deem to be the ideal candidate. 

Among the most overlooked groups are those with criminal records—a demographic…

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The Power of Words: How a Motivational Speaker Can Transform Your Life
Posted on April 13, 2024

In the vast tapestry of human experience, few threads are as vibrant and impactful as the spoken word. Words have the remarkable ability to transcend barriers, ignite passions, and transform lives. As a beacon of hope and catalyst for cha…

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Second Chances: Why Hiring Returning Citizens Benefits Everyone
Posted on April 09, 2024

In today's fast-paced and often unforgiving world, the concept of second chances stands out as a beacon of hope and redemption. It embodies the belief that no matter how rocky the road has been, there's always a path forward, a chance to …

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