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Speaker & Social Entrepreneur Khalil Osiris inspires people to overcome their self-imposed limitations.

Athens Democracy Forum

The event brings together senior New York Times journalists with international business leaders, policy makers, and a broad variety of experts to debate and discuss the current state of democracy and solutions.

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@realkosiris @ronrothberg @stuart_sheldon I’ve listened to every episode of this podcast (my partner NB was an early guest) but this was the most moving, heartfelt and inspirational to date. The straight talk is a revelation. Thank you Khalil Osiris for sharing yourself so completely. Thank you Stu and Ron for posting.

This past week, I had the honor of joining @ronrothberg and @stuart_sheldon on their @swandivepodcast, and finding that we're kindred souls. Listen in at
#freedom #motivation #transformation #wednesdaythought

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The best education is adversity.


Benjamin Disraeli


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