Khalil Osiris

Book Khalil for thought-provoking talks on a range of issues including Five Commitments for Healing & Racial Reconciliation, Psychology of Incarceration and Civic Education in Action.


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@NoLeftTurnElana @CBHeresy Wait, going forward? Go back and listen to the old ones. They're all good, but some of the best are @Miss_Snuffy, @realkosiris, @glukianoff, @BooyensJaco, @Rafa_Mangual, @BlueBoxDave, and my brother.

#trcglobalsummit is happening #Mandeladay , July 18! In these turbulent times #nelsonmandela 's legacy inspires us to struggle for justice over inequality, dignity over humiliation and forgiveness over hatred. We all can make a difference. #trcglobalsummit

Breaking Down Barriers Through Conversations About Racism. Register for #trcglobalsummit online event now at #TruthAndReconciliation

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The best education is adversity.


Benjamin Disraeli


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