Khalil Osiris

Book Khalil for television commentary or life-changing talks on topics ranging from Male Privilege & Implicit Bias to Truth & Reconciliation Conversations.
He is available as a keynote speaker, panelist, or discussion moderator.


Join us July 18-19 for the 2021 TRC Global Summit on facing racism and healing together.


is a non-profit charity, provides FREE web-based, accredited education and job skills training for people and communities impacted by incarceration.

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"Do you belong here? Who gave you permission to be here?'
In 2021, black girls and women are asked the same questions they would've been asked as slaves.

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For this week's quote, @realkosiris reminds us of the essential preconditions for a great democracy. You can watch his moving benediction here:
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The best education is adversity.


Benjamin Disraeli


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